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I got my first camera at age seven. It was a vivid blue and yellow plastic point-and-shoot that used old school 110 film and I loved it. It was that camera and the photos I would take of my family, our dog, the neighborhood that gave me my first sampling of what would become a lifelong pursuit... capturing the world from a slightly different perspective.


I consider myself an artistic dabbler... while photography is my primary creative outlet, I also enjoy mixed media / decorative arts and I hold a degree in graphic design. During my time in art school, I retired my beloved 35mm fully manual Pentax K-1000 and converted to digital photography. This transition, while bittersweet, was vital in that the digital medium offers so much more freedom than traditional film. Despite the conversion, I still work to maintain the standards and techniques that I learned with my Pentax, blending the tried-and-true rules along with my own artistic aesthetic, to capture the beauty of nature and the old / rusty / weathered / forgotten objects and locations hiding all around us.

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